Watch the Introbizbox Video…

For reasons to join the Introbizbox members benefit platform for Introbiz members, please see the Launch Promo Video..

IntroBizBox Promo Video from Behind The Lens Media on Vimeo.

For more about the Introbizbox members benefit platform including deals on how you can join the system to add your own deals or to set up your free profile, please see and/or download the Introbizbox App in the Google play store for Android Devices, or the App Store for Apple Devices and proceed to join the system.

See all our members who have added there B2B deals to our online Business services marketplace.

Introbizbox Members Directory

See all the categories that our B2B members have added discounted B2B deals to, on our online B2B Platform.

Introbizbox Categories Page

Free profile and one off free twelve months marketing of a deal available now for Introbiz members.

Create Free Profile | Marketing of Free Deal Offer

Non Members can join with an online virtual membership to also promote their business and to benefit for the discounted B2B services or another full Introbiz networking membership package.

Online Business Networking Virtual Membership Package | Introbiz Networking Packages

Make a request for a product or service not yet covered by our online B2B deals.

Members Request Page

You can add five deals on our B2B online Business Marketplace and have them marketed to all members for twelve months, for just £250.00.

B2B Marketing to Business in South Wales



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