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Mike Armstrong is MD of a Web Marketing Agency and Sales & Marketing Consultancy business in Wales called MA Consultancy. I am also Director of Bizbox Tech Ltd which has produced the Introbizbox Web Platform and App in partnership with Introbiz.

At MA Consultancy we provide Sales and Marketing Consultancy, Training and Services including Web Marketing Consultancy, Training and Services, SEO Consultancy, Training and Services, Blogging Consultancy, Training and Services as well as Social Media Consultancy, Training and Services. 

We currently provide a number of content marketing services to Introbiz, Introbizbox, Bizbox Tech Ltd and a number of the Introbiz members. 

We cover all of South Wales and the South West but especially provide consultancy, training and services to Businesses in Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly, Bridgend the Gwent Valleys, Torfaen and the Vale of Glamorgan.

You can see all the profiles of the current members of the Introbizbox platform by clicking the links and you can view more about MA Consultancy by visiting MAConsultancy

Are you an introbiz member? If so, you too can add yourself to the Introbizbox platform by following the link.

You can also sign up to one of the following packages in order that you can add deals and have those deals regularly marketed to the other Introbiz members:


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