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What is Introbizbox?

Introbizbox is a members benefit area, online B2B Marketplace and online Business Networking platform for members of the Introbiz business network to use.

It is designed to be a members trading, offers, marketing and networking platform for members to use to help increase engagement and orders from other members of the business network and to help contribute to the costs of networking by providing everyone with additional perks and benefits for being part of the network.

The Introbizbox Platform has been developed by Bizbox Tech Ltd in partnership with the Wales’ Leading Business Network, Introbiz, in order to be able to offer the Introbiz business network members an enhanced networking experience using some of the latest technology and sales and marketing techniques to improve and enhance the entire networking experience for all involved.

Why should you register on Introbizbox?

If you register on the Introbizbox platform and are an Introbiz member, you can have a free profile on the platform in order for other members to find out more about you and what you do.

Once you have created your free business profile and registered on the system, you can also do the following activities:

Sell your products and services…

Sell – The Introbizbox members benefit platform provides Introbiz members with the ability to Advertise Their Business and Market Their Products and Services to the other Introbiz members.

Buy discounted products and services…


Buy –The Introbizbox members benefit platform also provides Introbiz members with the ability to save Money On BusinessServices and Be Made More Aware of other Members Products and Services and How They Can Save Large Amounts on these products and services from other Introbiz members .  Members are encourage to offer Groupon Style deals to other members, which means that you can benefit from great savings, simply by being a member of the network and registered on to the Introbizbox platform.

 Network with other businesses & Introbiz Members…


Network – The Introbizbox members benefit platform also allows you to view profiles of all the Introbiz / Introbizbox Members and see what they do “allowing you to follow up and  network with each other, ensuring that members get to know about each other much quicker than via just the events alone”.

So please register your business online now via the Introbizbox Platform via the link.

For more about the Introbizbox Online B2B Marketplace & Platform please see our About Page, our Online B2B Marketplace Members Page, Our Online B2B Deals Page and our Introbizbox WordPress Blog. 



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